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Michelle Urbano is Molly
Jason Cull is Sam

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Aggravated Sound is  a dark comedy about Molly who has an extreme aversion to everyday sounds. She is navigating her first date with Sam. This movie is about a woman with selective sound sensitivity syndrome also know as Misophonia. This misunderstood disorder is the focus of my first fictional short.  This movie will deal with the topic of triggers in a way that isn't too heavy for the viewer. 

My goal of creating this movie is simple; by the end of the film, I want the audience to be able to feel uncomfortable, laugh and they are still able to connect to the story and the characters. I want people to understand that triggers affect many people in different ways and even with those triggers we all have the ability to connect with others. Mark Twain said it best “Humour is tragedy plus time.” I want the audience to know that sometimes even in the most frustrating or extreme moments when a trigger happens, despite the tragic circumstances or the cause of that trigger, it still can bring a bit humour to life.

Director and Filmmaker Amy McQuaid-England holding a camera.

Producer, Director and Screen Writer

Amy McQuaid-England has produced and directed Aggravated Sound, she previously filmed an award winning documentary short called The Garden, which focused on food insecurity in the south end of Oshawa, Ontario.  Most recently her screenplay Aggravated Sound has been recognized in film festivals earning laurels for her writing.

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